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H-LINENYSATA Art Ed Resources During the PandemicH-LINEHolly McCabe’s Excellent List of Resources for Covid-19

Holly is a full-time Assistant Professor of Visual Arts at Dutchess County Community College in Poughkeepsie, NY.

H-LINENYSATA member Jay Brooks has created these lively and humorous videos will help you set up a home studio for presenting demonstrations to students.

The Greater Capital Region Teacher Center for Effective Teaching is part of a statewide network of state-education-funded Teacher Centers. We personally serve over 100 districts around the capital district and a bit beyond. These cousrses are brought to our attention by Kate Jarrard, Teacher Leadership Coach for the Visual and Performing Arts, Greater Capital Region Teacher Center for Effective Teaching 512 Albany Shaker Road, Albany, NY 12211 Phone: 518.489.0568

1. Visual Arts PLC – 9/15-11/10: This PLC will consist of both Zoom meetings and asynchronous work to total 15 hours, but there’s flexibility! If what you need most is a support group to share ideas and overcome challenges, just attend the Zoom meetings (7 hours). If you just want to create lessons and resources for yourself to share and add to the GCRTC resource list, you can do just that (up to 15 hours). It does start Tuesday, but no worries if you join late!
2. Apps for the Fine Arts – 10/13-12/21 (but actually open right now if you want to get started): 15 hours, completely asynchronous, as you are able to complete it. This will consist of tutorials in various helpful tech resources, related to what we do, with the opportunity for you to create an activity with ten (10) of them that you can use with your students.
3. Enhancing Your Curriculum with Primary Sources – 10/14-12/16: 15-18 hours, mostly independently. This course is for any subject area, and is great for those that really like to research and build amazing, engaging, and relevant units of study.
Intro session: – Course:
4. The Dynamic Teacher: A Collaborative Support Community Exploring Lessons Learned During a Year Interrupted – 10/7-11/18: 15 hours, synchronous and asynchronous OR completely asynchronous. This course focuses on equity, engagement, assessment, differentiation, and higher order thinking and explores ideas and tools that improve pedagogy and learning opportunities for students.
5. Art, Community, and Technology – moved to Spring 2021 (dates TBA), but you can still sign up to receive info: 15 hours, the listing says 4-7pm, but it will really be a mix of short synchronous classes and then independent application on your own time (basically, that time slot is blocked out, but participants will help decide what time is best for meeting). Focus on the use of technology and traditional art materials in a collaborative classroom of mixed students. Instructed by Steve Honicki, retired Niskayuna teacher