Professional Development

Professional Development



Using Arts and Media To Teach Literacy Skills
Teachers and librarians will have the knowledge and confidence to engage children and youth in media-making activities that build literacy skills. Participants will acquire methods of integrating media arts principles into literacy activities, even when media-making technology itself may be unavailable. Educators will undertake a storyboarding/video poem project, gaining hands-on experience in how arts and media can reinforce media literacy skills in their students.
Saturday, Oct 6 • 9:00am-1:00pm
nm: $95 • m: $90
Instructor: Mary Ellen Iatropoulos at PUF Studios

Visual Composition: Deconstructing the Elements
This training for arts educators focuses on the 72 elements of composition that control and shape viewers’ responses, experience, and understanding of an artwork. Digging into each element, teachers will discuss and explore the roles each element plays in helping students self-assess and revise their work to help it reach its highest potential. This workshop focuses on successful strategies for incorporating the 72-point criteria checklist into classroom assessment strategies, as well as ways to guarantee that these principles end up incorporated into your students’ work and help expand their artistic vocabulary.
Friday, September 14 • 4:00-7:00pm
nm: $70 • m: $65
Instructor: Todd Poteet at PUF Studios

A Painter’s Approach to Color
Learn how to use color theory in paintings, gaining tools and techniques to analyze common misconceptions and hurdles. Color mixing can be a challenge. Using traditional oil colors in this workshop you will learn the basics of color theory and how to apply those lessons directly into mixing the exact color you are looking for. Incorporate the colors you want to use in traditional, effective color schemes. Harmonize colors in a painting by understanding light sources and their effect on color. Use color contrast to guide focus in your painting and make the main subject pop!
Sundays, Sept. 23, 30 • 4:00-7:00pm
nm: $140 • m: $135
Instructor: Craig Maher at Pershing Studios

Digital Painting
Use Wacom Tablets and Photoshop software to create original digital visual art pieces. Gain practice with identifying light sources, properly shading figures, and how to compose images by re-imagining elements from source texts.
Sundays, Oct 7, 14 • 4:00-7:00pm
nm: $140 • m: $135
Instructor: Craig Maher at Pershing Studios

Emotional Portraiture
Explore how visual literacy informs what we see by using symbolism, mark making, color, and composition to evoke emotional responses from a viewer through portraiture.
Sunday, Oct 21 • 4:00-7:00pm
nm: $70 • m: $65
Instructor: Todd Poteet at Pershing Studios

Figure Drawing
Develop a stronger understanding of the human figure by exploring anatomy and learning three different approaches to drawing the figure.
Sundays, Oct 28, Nov 4, 11, 18 • 4:00-7:00pm
nm: $305 • m: $295
Instructor: Chris Seubert at Pershing Studios

Introduction to Oil Painting
Learn the basics of oil painting and how oil paints offer a different set of tools and structures that impact how to approach color theory and composition.
Sundays, Dec 2, 9, 16 • 4:00-7:00pm
nm: $210 • m: $200
Instructor: Rick Price at Pershing Studios

Video for Visual Artists: Preserving/Curating/Sharing/ Relating in Digital Spaces
For artists and arts entrepreneurs in the digital age, maintaining an online digital presence and “brand” plays a vital role in connecting with the public. In this professional development session, educators will learn how to lead their students through using video production in order to document their artistic processes and their final work, create a unique brand as an artist, and use digital platforms to connect their work to audiences outside the classroom. Participants will receive training in the basics of camerawork and cinematography as well as interviewing and public speaking, all while gaining concrete strategies for incorporating video production into the visual arts classroom in a way that helps students meet NYS Visual Arts Standards while creating authentic digital tools for their emerging careers as artists. “
Saturday, Oct 13 • 10:00am-2:00pm
nm: $95 • m: $90
Instructor: Mary Ellen Iatropoulos at PUF Studios

The Art Effect can also provide teacher trainings on a customized basis in the following artistic disciplines : filmmaking, radio production, animation (stop-motion and digital), green screen technology, virtual reality/360° filmmaking, and zine-making.

Email for more info or to schedule a custom PD session


Fusion Dance Workshop
2-5 pm    Saturday, October 27th
Workshop fee is: $ 40.00   5-15 participants
This is a workshop that has been developed to enable participants to understand, be inspired ,and learn about different cultures through dance. The cultures we will be looking at are: Flamenco, (Spain), Bharatanatyam ( India), West African, modern (USA), Chilean and Caribbean dances.

The goal of this workshop is for students to be able to get an understanding, learn the differences, similarities, history and cultural aspects, of each dance style. My aim is that each participant will leave with love, inspiration, understanding and excitement to learn more about cultures and dance.


-I will focus on each dance style one at a time. I will begin by explaining their history and movements. Then I will teach a dance combination based upon that culture. For example: I’ll talk about West African dance history, culture and style of movements – then I will teach a West African dance combination

-I’ll elaborate on these cultural dance forms, their similarities, differences, their shared histories and thematic movements and how they connect with each other. I’ll then teach a Fusion dance combination with all the steps previously learned.

I’ll perform a fusion dance solo to showcase how I put them all together.
Next, I will talk about what my students observed, what they saw, what they noticed in terms of the 
steps I incorporated, and how I connected all the movements from each dance style
Lastly, I will have a short question/answer session.

Anna Mayta
 – Dance teacher, choreographer, performer and dance improvisor   845-416-2605


Monotype with Kate McGloughlin
1 – 5 PM on Saturday, October 20th (alternate dates 8/18 or 9/29)
$40 per participant (this is a discounted rate and we will include supplies)
Minimum of 5 participants – Maximum of 15 participants

Open to artists of every stripe, this workshop is designed to open artistic blocks in painters and demystify the printmaking studio. Students will explore the world of the unique print through demonstrations and hands on experimentation with ink, paper and press. No experience necessary, just be ready to try your hand in a new medium in a relaxed and stimulating environment.

Nina Doyle,Executive Director     Woodstock School of Art     (845) 679-2388